Provilan Vet, the range that will delight your pet!

“Just like humans, animals feel pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness. This quote from Charles Darwin speaks for itself. Indeed, it’s vital to take care of our pets to ensure their well-being. There are many different ways to care for your pet, including brushing, bathing, caring for wounds and taking care of its teeth.

That’s why Provilan’s LUCAA+ products have been created to help you look after your beloved companion. From muzzle to tail, not forgetting the living environment (kennel, litter box, basket, armchairs, carpets, toys, hutch, etc.), we provide you with the complete panoply to care for and protect your pet.

What is LUCAA+ Pets?

LUCAA+ Pets is Provilan’s pet care range.

LUCAA+ natural products are composed of beneficial micro-organisms, better known as probiotics, and 100% ecological ingredients.

Our care products are biodegradable and do not hide unpleasant odors, but eliminate them directly at source. What’s more, they’re safe for you, your pets and the environment.

LUCAA+ natural solutions are preventive treatments that effectively fight infections while maintaining optimal hygiene.

In addition to preventive care, there are also products for maintaining your dog or cat’s coat, as well as hygiene products. This range includes the following treatments:

  • – An anti-odour agent
  • – An anti-allergic spray
  • – A surface cleaner
  • – A spray for coat care
  • – A shampoo for dogs and cats
  • – Eye care
  • – Ear care
  • – Dental care

Some of these products, such as LUCAA+ Pets Wound Care or LUCAA+ Pets Shampoo, are highly rated on the Amazon website, and the comments speak for themselves: Efficiency and quality.

Our Best Seller is LUCAA+ Wound Care and its rating on Amazon is almost 5 stars.

Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers:
LUCAA+ Pets Wound Care
LUCAA+ Pets Shampoo
LUCAA+ Pets Odor Remover

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