Provilan Clean.

What for?

The product range consists of cleaning products specifically designed for environments at high risk of microbial invasion, such as dental practices, beauty salons, gyms, hospitals, retirement homes, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies, colleges and schools.

With Provilan Clean products, paramedical and public facilities can now be safely cleaned and maintained without disturbing the microbial balance.

The advantage of our solutions

Composed of beneficial micro-organisms, better known as probiotics, and 100% eco-friendly ingredients, our solutions effectively deep-clean by optimizing the biological balance, with the effect of reducing the risk of bacterial disease.

Our products are biodegradable and do not mask odors, but actively eliminate them. Plus, of course, they’re guaranteed to be safe for you and the environment.

Our Provilan Clean range

Universal Cleaner

An environmentally-friendly detergent which, thanks to its high concentration of micro-organisms, cleans deeply and effectively to remove even the most microscopic organic residues.

Surface Cleaner

Surface Cleaner is an environmentally-friendly solution that enables microscopic cleaning and can be applied to all water-resistant surfaces.

Sanitary Cleaner

Sanitary Cleaner Spray is an environmentally-friendly microbiological cleaner designed for rapid cleaning of sanitary installations.

Toilet Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner has excellent cleaning and anti-scale properties. It contains no chlorine or other hazardous ingredients.

Hand soap

Delicate, fragrant hand soap for impeccable cleanliness and a feeling of freshness.

Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaner, formulated for effective cleaning and a shiny surface, leaving a fresh, clean environment.

Air Optimizer

Probiotic-based Air Optimizer, helping to maintain a fresh, clean environment thanks to the beneficial action of micro-organisms.


owes its success to a unique two-phase formula. In phase 1, the malodour molecules trapped in textiles, fabrics, shoes or even the ambient air are encapsulated by the added microorganisms.


Water is an environmentally-friendly alternative to chlorine-based detergents used in water and sewage systems.


Wash is the ideal alternative to conventional detergents. Thanks to the addition of probiotics and natural ingredients, organic dirt particles and unpleasant odors are thoroughly eliminated, while respecting the environment.

Shower Gel

Provilan Clean Shower Gel with probiotics, for gentle cleansing and maintenance of balanced skin thanks to the beneficial action of micro-organisms.


Descaler is a powerful descaler formulated to effectively remove limescale deposits and keep surfaces shiny and clean.

Odor Remover

The success of friendly Odor Remover's unique formula lies in its direct, effective action.