Provilan Vet.

What for? What's in it for me?

Having a pet at home brings a lot of happiness, but also unpleasant hygienic consequences: bad smells, allergies, a dirtier house, etc. What’s more, you need to make sure your best friend is healthy and fit!

The Provilan Vet pet assortment is a set of natural care products for the care and hygiene of your favorite pet. From the muzzle to the tail, not forgetting the living environment, we provide you with the complete panoply to care for and protect your pet.

Composed of beneficial micro-organisms, better known as probiotics, and 100% ecological ingredients, our natural pet care products provide effective deep cleansing while optimizing the biological balance, thereby reducing the risk of bacterial disease.

Biodegradable and effective

Our care products are biodegradable and do not hide unpleasant odors, but actively eliminate them. And, of course, they’re guaranteed safe for you, your furry companions and the environment.
Taking care of your pets is essential, but treating them the right way requires the right products. Using an antibacterial treatment will only solve the problem in the short term, if at all. That’s why we recommend using natural methods. Provilan Vet’s natural solutions are preventive treatments that effectively fight infection while maintaining optimal hygiene.
In addition to preventive care, you’ll find products to care for your dog’s or cat’s coat, as well as hygiene products.

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Eye care

Eye Care is a quick and easy solution for cleaning the corners of pets' eyes and eyelids.


Gentle hypoallergenic shampoo for skin suitable for
also to animals
with sensitive skin.

Ear care

Ear care is a natural solution for quick and easy treatment of ear hygiene in pets.

Wound care

Wound Care is a spray solution for cleaning wounds on pets such as dogs, cats and rodents (rabbits, hamsters, etc.).

Odor Remover

Odor Remover is a unique solution that effectively combats your dog or cat's unpleasant odors without masking them with perfume.

Dental care

Dental care is an environmentally-friendly solution for quick and easy treatment of pets' dental hygiene.

Coat care

The product is a shine spray for gentle care of pets' coats.


Anti-allergenic is a preventive spray to help humans & pets effectively combat various allergic reactions.