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Now very much in vogue, gyms are reaching out to a wide public with the same objective: to clear the head and stay fit. In addition, cardio-training machines, like weight machines, come into contact with these many users. For this reason, these devices need to be cleaned on a daily basis, for the hygiene, well-being and comfort of all concerned.

That’s why Probiotic Group has launched its DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness range to help sports centers.

What is DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness?

The DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness range includes innovative detergents specially designed for sports, fitness and wellness centers, where lasting hygiene and odor elimination play an important role in visitors’ well-being.

These products are composed of beneficial micro-organisms, better known as probiotics, and 100% ecological ingredients. These deep-cleaning solutions optimize the biological balance and reduce the risk of bacterial disease. They are biodegradable and do not hide unpleasant odors, but eliminate the molecules responsible for them.

With DENAA+ Fitness & Wellness products, private and public sports facilities can now be safely cleaned and maintained without the use of chemicals.

This range includes the following flagship products:


Denaa+ Fresh is an environmentally-friendly spray that effectively eliminates the organic residues responsible for unpleasant odors. This spray has been specially designed for EMS jackets. For optimum effectiveness, we recommend using Denaa+ Fresh after each training session on jackets. Does not leave white marks, is gentle on your equipment, does not damage leather, textiles or fragile surfaces. pH-neutral product.

Directions for use :

For the ready-to-use formula

  • 1. Spray several times into the air or directly onto the jacket, keeping a distance of 30 cm – maximum 6 sprays inside the jacket
  • 2. Shake before use
  • 3. Do not over-moisten the jacket
  • 4. Avoid contact with eyes
  • 5. To be used only with the vaporizer

For the concentrated formula

  • 1. Follow the 1:9 dosage (100ml concentrate with 900ml water).
  • 2. Shake before use

Packaging available

  • Ready-to-use 100ml bottle
  • Ready-to-use 300ml bottle
  • 5000 ml bottle, ready-to-use or concentrated formula


Denaa+ Water is a probiotic-enriched cleaning solution specially designed for use with EMS-sprayers. Denaa+ Water destroys the organic matter responsible for unpleasant odours. This solution provides safe, long-lasting jacket cleaning. Doesn’t damage your EMS jackets, no white marks and keeps your equipment (leather, rubber and textiles) spotless. Combine withEMS Sprayer; it’s all the rage.

Directions for use :

  • 1. Shake before use
  • 2. Allow jackets to air dry
  • 3. Be sure to read the label before use.
  • 4. Change the water once a week and clean the machine with hot water.
  • 5. For optimum, safe operation, follow the steps described below

Possible packaging

  • 1000ml bottle of concentrate for EMS vests
  • 5000ml bottle of concentrate for EMS vests


Denaa+ Wash is a liquid detergent specially designed for cleaning EMS jackets and sportswear in general. The addition of probiotics removes dirt particles and unpleasant odours deep down, even in the most inaccessible places.

Directions for use :

  • 1. 30ml solution – 30°C – 20 min (50ml if chalky)
  • 2. Shake before use
  • 3. Be sure to read the label before use.
  • 4. Let jackets air dry

Possible packaging

  • 300ml bottle
  • 1000ml bottle
  • 5000ml bottle


Denaa+ Clean is an eco-responsible spray designed for the maintenance of interior spaces in sports and wellness centers, i.e. windows, tiles, mirrors and sports facilities and equipment. Its probiotic-enriched formula provides safe, long-lasting cleaning of surfaces without damaging them in the process. Leaves no white marks and respects your equipment (leather, rubber and textiles).

Directions for use :

For the ready-to-use formula

  • 1. Shake well before use
  • 2. Spray lightly on surfaces, windows, mirrors and installations.
  • 3. Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth

For the concentrated formula

  • 1. Shake well before use
  • 2. Dilute with warm water in a recommended ratio of 1:50 to achieve the properties of the ready-to-use formula (10ml concentrate and 490ml water in the spray bottle).
  • 3. Shake

Possible packaging

  • Ready-to-use 500ml bottle
  • 1000ml bottle concentrated formula
  • 5000ml bottle concentrated formula

Advantages of the Denaa+ Fitness & Wellness range

  • – Preventive action against contamination
  • – Insertion of healthy bacteria into the environment
  • – Respect for the environment
  • – Natural and vegan composition
  • – Restoring the microbial balance
  • – Elimination of organic matter and odors at source
  • – Long-term hygiene stability

Want to contribute to tomorrow’s circular economy? So don’t wait any longer and choose products from the Denaa+ Fitness & Wellness range available on our e-shop :

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