What is it ?

According to the WHO, probiotics are living micro-organisms which, when ingested in sufficient quantities, exert positive effects on health. Each probiotic has its own specificity and main points of action. These good micro-organisms are known, mainly, in the dietary supplement world for improving intestinal flora. We go one step further and offer care and hygiene solutions with probiotics to combat bacterial imbalances and, of course, the negative impact of chemical agents on the environment.

Traditional" chemical cleaning and "probiotic" cleaning

In addition to being harmful to our environment, the chemical products we use every day are no longer able to fulfill their cleaning / care mission with optimum efficiency. Overuse of cleaners, disinfectants and antibiotics leads to pathogenic bacteria (bad bacteria) becoming accustomed to and developing resistance to the various chemical agents and antibiotics. To make matters worse, these products are also dangerous for us humans: by causing a biological imbalance. This situation is particularly problematic in hospitals, where pathogenic bacteria are implicated in a wide range of nosocomial infections.

Our solution

Promote regular cleansing with probiotics! These active micro-organisms have a number of special features that are in demand in the cleaning sector:

These capabilities make deep cleaning totally safe for everyone.