Science and nature

Provilan® is a Probiotique Group brand and represents the perfect blend of science and nature. Provilan®, with its wide range of cleaning and care products, aims to be a partner in a healthy environment that benefits everyone: people, animals and nature.


Excessive, inappropriate or abusive use of disinfectants and cleaning chemicals can have serious consequences and become dangerous for humans, animals and the environment.

What can we do about it?

Several studies consider the use of probiotics as a serious alternative to chemical products. In fact, probiotics provide effective and safe cleansing. What’s more, they offer a number of natural advantages, such as cleaning that lasts several days, active elimination of unpleasant odors, etc.

"Our products are based on the same principles: natural, safe and high quality. What's more, they guarantee deep cleaning, refresh the atmosphere and create a pleasant feeling of well-being."

Paul Mauhin


Developing high-quality microbial cleaning and care solutions that respect nature and life.

The harmful effects of cleaning and care chemicals are innumerable. Microbial imbalances, ecological damage and health impacts are just some of the problems they cause. Our mission is to create effective hygiene and cleaning solutions based on probiotics – healthy bacteria that eliminate harmful bacteria and stay active longer than chemical cleaning products.


Towards a more natural world through research and development programs.

The Group works daily in its R&D laboratories to harness the power of nature’s abundance of healthy bacteria, which offer incredible cleaning capabilities. Thanks to their science and expertise, they provide ecological and sustainable hygiene solutions to preserve our future.


Bold and innovative: We push the boundaries of innovation by creating revolutionary products in our state-of-the-art laboratories, guaranteeing extraordinary cleaning power without compromising on efficiency.

Creativity and difference: We take a creative and innovative approach to problem-solving, encouraging new management practices and valuing collective intelligence. Our motto: “Dare to be different to innovate!”