Provilan for optimal care and environmental hygiene

The extensive product range of Provilan® consists of environmentally friendly ingredients while maintaining their effectiveness. The real competitive advantage in our product range represents the addition of active & supportive micro-organisms which can be found in our environment.

Antibiotic resistance is one of the life science issues we aim to fight.

Provilan® is produced in an ecological manner and is safe to use, kind to your skin and isn’t subject to animal testing.

With the adoption Provilan® products, you will possess the key to manage our ecological footprint in an affordable way.

Sustainable hygiene

100% eco-friendly

Safe in use

No animal testing

Optimal well being


  1. “Great people who make a lot of efforts to continue improving their products. Impressive products that give good results on our sport horses, breeding mares and foals.
    We especially like that the Provilan products are environmentally friendly and it makes us wanting to use them over all other traditional products in the market.”

    Elodie de Biolley - Gestüt Sonnenhof (Belgium)

  2. "On the Animal Event I purchased a bottle of Pets Wound Spray from the LUCAA+ product range. I am very positive about it! Since I treated crab and biting wounds with this spray I didn't have any inflammation anymore! So not only for (house) animals but also for humans a good functioning product!"

    Testimonial received on Facebook